Garden of 2007

March 30, 2007

After two years of buying plants from the local nursery, I’ve decided this year to start my garden from seeds indoors.

Here is my list of seeds that I bought, mostly from Stokes Seeds:

Broccoli: Green Sprouting
Brussels Sprouts: Cumulus
Carrots:  Creme de Lite, Purple Haze, Sweet Bites
Cauliflower: Attribute
Cucumber: Suyo Long*
Dill: Fernleaf
Green Pepper: Bell Boy
Lettuce: Mesclun Mix, Buttercrunch
Onion: Hardy White Bunching
Parsley: Champion Moss Curled
Peas: Laxton’s Progress, Oregon Sugar Pod
Pole Beans: Kentucky Wonder
Spinach: Melody
Summer Savoury
Sunflower: Autumn Beauty*
Tomato: Big Beef, Juliet, Mr. Stripey*, Chadwick’s Cherry*, Pomme d’Amour*
Turnip: Royal Crest
Zucchini: Sensation

*heirloom seeds purchased from Eternal Seed.


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