Ongoing Seedling Action

April 3, 2007

Last night I planted ten each of Pomme d’Amour tomatoes, Green Sprouting broccoli and Champion Moss Curled parsley in the Lee Valley self-watering trays.  The cauliflower and tomatoes I planted on March 29 have been sprouting like champs and I’ve been trying to keep up with the space.

On Sunday I potted my dahlias and freesias in the jumbo square boxes and traditional bulb pans.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized that I might have placed the dahlia tubers incorrectly in the pot, planting them vertically instead of horizontally.  I’ve decided to let it be and see what happens.  Oh dahlias, please be good to me!

I’ve switched to using Saran Wrap on the Lee Valley seeds trays to help them germinate instead of the homemade plastic bags I was using.  The bags, made out of a clear plastic shower curtain, were unwieldy and a little too effective at keeping the humidity in.  There was a bit of mould on some of the soil.  I’m still not happy with Saran Wrap as it doesn’t really cling to the plastic seedling tray and gets all mussed up.  The Lee Valley seed trays didn’t come with a clear dome, hence, the futzing around with alternatives.


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