Time to Transplant?

April 7, 2007

The roots are growing out of my 3.5 oz. cups of tomatoes. I’m going to have to do something soon. I can see their little roots balling up at the bottom of the cup. I’m pretty nervous about transplanting them.

Today I went out and bought some more propagating trays and cell packs. I was going to get the 32-cell trays that I used for my hanging basket flowers, however, I ended up getting two 48-cell trays. I realized that I was quickly running out of fluorescent lighting room on my shelving.  I still have cucumbers and zucchini to start mid April. I also picked up some 4″ pots to ready myself for transplanting.

I bought another package of heirloom tomatoes. I’m not sure if I’ll even have room for all of them.

Yesterday I started my hanging basket obsession. I’ve bought them from flower stalls in the Byward Market in the past and have had moderate success with them. I had initially entertained the idea of starting my own flower garden like my parents used to have years ago. I quickly realized that it would be a huge undertaking and opted for the hanging basket/window box option instead. It was hard to pick out the types of flowers I wanted – there are so many to choose from. I saw the most beautiful hanging baskets last year at Darcy McGee’s on Sparks Street Mall and Elgin Street in Ottawa, ON. The splashes of color and the trailing ivy were really impressive. Unfortunately, I never took a picture of it and now have no idea the types of flowers I was looking at. I ended up buying: Nemophilla, Penny Black; Alyssum, Carpet of Snow; Lobelia, Cascade Mix; Anagallis, Monelli; and Nasturtium, Alaska Mixed.


One Response to “Time to Transplant?”

  1. growthumbs Says:

    I know what you mean about needing to transplant the tomatoes. Mine are getting a bit big for their pots. But they can probably wait till the 15 of this month. That’s when I get to plant them, provided I have some soil in my beds I just build for them.

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