Growth Spurt

April 27, 2007

I have 9 trays of seedlings on the go that are filled with tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, lettuce, flowers, Brussels sprouts, and green and red pepper. Most have been potted up from their seedling trays and cell packs to 3″ pots.

My tomatoes are already pushing up 8″ tall:

When I potted them up from their seedling pot to the 3″ pot, I buried the stem by filling up potting soil to the bottom of the first leaves to allow the tomato plant to make more roots.  I’ll do this again when I pot them up to the 4″ pots.

Some of the shorter plants I positioned on overturned seedling trays to get them closer to the lights.

A batch of Mesclun Mix and Buttercrunch lettuce:

Some hot pepper and tomato seedlings from seeds that I got from a Garden Web seed swap a couple of weeks ago:

My dahlia plants that need to be potted up from their jumbo boxes to something taller.  These I’ll pot up similar to tomato plants, where I’ll add potting soil right up to the bottom of their leaves.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to a plant event that I read about on Ottawa Plantcycle, an on-line Yahoo group for exchanging plants, seeds and gardening tips in the Ottawa area.  I’ll be bringing some of my excess tomato and lettuce plants to exchange for something new and different.  Also, the Kanata Plant and Landscaping Show starts today and I’ll be checking that out tomorrow too.

2 Responses to “Growth Spurt”

  1. Great to see you at the Plant Event! Your tomato is making friends with my tomatoes. So far, so good.

  2. jodi Says:

    Delightful blog, Kathy. I’ve added your link to my growing list of gardening blogs at Come on by and say hello…(and giggle at my inability to grow hollyhocks).

    cheers, jodi in Scotts Bay, NS

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