Death Knell

May 2, 2007

My worms are dead.

There was a pervading stench from my worm bin so I lifted the lid to have a look. Everything seemed good – there was rotting food, moistened newspaper and not a lot of condensation on the bottom of the lid. I sat for a moment to listen for the quiet, mucking noises and didn’t hear anything. Pulling on a pair of latex gloves, I started to poke around underneath the bedding. I saw a small clump of wet worm poop though I couldn’t find any worms. They were all dead except for one sluggish, lonely worm who looked like his number was up.

I have decided to admit defeat.  Their coffin has been moved into the garage.

Long live the worms!


3 Responses to “Death Knell”

  1. […] Then I dump them into the bottom worm bin I’m not longer using (Long live the worms!). […]

  2. […] 18, 2008 The first time I tried to compost with worms, I had disastrous results.  After a few months my parents, who had a really healthy bin, gave me a batch of their worms […]

  3. Barbee' Says:

    I wonder what happened! Do you know what went wrong?

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