Monsters in the Grass

May 15, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I bought the WeedHound, a nasty-looking tool in my arsenal of weapons against my sworn enemy, dandelions.

Here’s the weeder, in the open position, when you push it into the ground:

Here’s the weeder after you pull up on the handle to grip the taproot and rip it from the earth:

The best time to weed is after it has rained as the ground is wet and the weeds are easier to pull up.

Today it rained. And my WeedHound was trotted out to begin its duty. Here is a monster weed that was pulled from the ground by my boyfriend, a whopping 14″ taproot.

Die dandelions. Your time has come.


One Response to “Monsters in the Grass”

  1. I’ve seen people with these gadgets. Must find one. Right now, I am using the old pokey tool.

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