Seminars and Sales

May 15, 2007

I went to the Rare and Unusual Plant Sale at the Experimental Farm this past weekend and picked up a couple of dahlias and a Double Your Fun bearded iris from La Vie En Rose Gardens for my boyfriend’s mom for Mother’s Day. There were many vendors and lots of different varieties of plants. The most interesting one was the Ottawa Valley Rock Garden & Horticultural Society. They were selling these beautiful miniature potted succulents that I now regret not buying. I’ve already sent them an email asking where I could pick one up.

Tonight I’ll be attending the Organic Gardening Workshop held by the Ottawa chapter of Canadian Organic Growers and Just Food. They’ll be presenting info on beginner organic vegetable gardening. One of my questions will be to re-confirm if the 20 pounds of coffee grounds I spread on my lawn is okay.

One Response to “Seminars and Sales”

  1. soekershof Says:

    More about cultivating (organically) succulents:
    With diverse links to other interesting sites.

    Enjoy the succulent Life,

    Herman & Yvonne

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