Lucky Pot Day

May 29, 2007

Last week I was walking through Home Depot when I noticed a sign saying, “All Pots $1.99”. To my delight, this is what I picked up for $20:

All last year’s stock and only one with a chip. I think that’s pretty awesome.


2 Responses to “Lucky Pot Day”

  1. hw Says:

    When was this? I’m so jealous. I’m really looking for some new pots and haven’t been able to justify spending $15-$20 for one pot…cause I need lots!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Hi hw,

    It was on Friday, May 18 around 4 PM. Home Depot had had their pots on reduced price for a couple of weeks and then had decided to clear it out at the start of May long weekend. Apparently they had put them on sale around 2:30 or 3 PM and people were going nuts over them. It was a pretty impressive deal and I’m lucky I was there at the right time.

    The only other pot I got this year was free on the side of the road. Now if someone would just throw out a half whisky barrel. 🙂


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