Perennial Plant Sale Down The Street

May 30, 2007

My neighbour down the street had a perennial plant sale this past weekend and I just had to check it out. I picked up (from left to right)

  • bee balm ‘Scarlett’
  • sedum ‘Brilliant Pink’
  • peony (dark pink double)
  • daylily ‘Apricot Ruffles’
  • coral bells ‘palace purple’, and,
  • columbine ‘Blue Angel’

At two for $5, the prices were great. I also had a nice time walking through the beautifully landscaped backyard. If I manage to seriously get into native plants of Ontario, this will have been the moment when my interest was piqued by a Jack in the Pulpit.

2 Responses to “Perennial Plant Sale Down The Street”

  1. Alex Harford Says:

    Looks good! I didn’t have room in my SFG this year for bee balm, but I’m definitely going to pick some up next year when I build more beds.

  2. You scored! First the pots – and now the plants. I’m always so excited when I find plants I can afford. And I know how fast they’ll grow up!

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