Plant Exchanges!

June 6, 2007

On Sunday I went to the Garden Web plant exchange. It was great to see some familiar faces and a couple of new ones too. I had met many of them at a previous Garden Web exchange a couple of months ago where we exchanged seeds. This time it was plants.

A plant exchange is a great way to get rid of your “boring” extras and try out new, exciting plants. I brought all my extra vegetable plants: tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, peppers and lettuce. Here are my tomatoes sitting nicely in the backseat, going for a ride:

A flat of buttercrunch lettuce awaiting its new owner:

And some other of my plants looking for new homes:

It all got spread out on the lawn near the south end of the parking lot:

People looked through everyone else’s stuff and picked plants and books they were interested in. I came away with some lemon balm, daylilies, heirloom tomatoes, gardening books, a toad lily, some echinacea, rhubarb, a bunch of little seedlings, a brugmansia, sedum and an oleander. Everyone was very giving and generous. People were even trying to sneak plants into other people’s trunks! It was a fun day and I had a really nice time.

I didn’t manage to give away all of my plants so I had to take some home and try to pawn them off on my neighbours. All of them went except seven, which I put out by the side of the road. Here they are, all scraggly and sad by the side of the road:

No one picked them up. Looking back, I realized that it was probably a combination of things:

  • it was game night for the Senators vs. Anaheim playoffs (go Sens go!),
  • it was dark and rainy, and,
  • my lawn needed mowing so the plants were camouflaged.

I’ve since been able to arrange a pick-up by a fellow Freecycler from the Kemptville Freecycle. Everything has now gone to a good home.

2 Responses to “Plant Exchanges!”

  1. Wow – you have the nicest plant exchanges where you are. I think there was one listed in the paper here, but I missed it. Am still trying to get to the new farmer’s market they opened down in the valley – but seems I either keep forgetting, or am booked.

    Not that I have anywhere to plant anything more! I was thinking the other day, that I couldn’t find a place to put one more plant, and then had to laugh. We live on 50 acres so that remark sounds funny. Thing is, though, if it isn’t fenced, there is no sense planting – the deer will have it!

  2. […] I got a 1 gallon pot that I picked up at the last Garden Web plant exchange: […]

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