Square Foot Gardening Update

June 20, 2007

I have now filled 7 spaces in my 8′ x 16′ garden with two bush tomatoes that I got from a plant exchange, one eggplant, two dill plants and two zucchini plants that I bought from a nursery. I have 20 more spaces to go and I think I’ll fill that up with 4 types of carrots, turnips, bush beans and spinach for a late harvest.


I’m now down two spaces because of some unknown marauder who killed my Sensation zucchini and Suyo Long cucumber. Something just lopped off the top of my zucchini plant, leaving two leaves:

You can see the chopped off leaves above and to the right of the zucchini plant. Sadly, this plant sent up a huge flower and little baby leaves so it seems like it is still valiantly trying to grow. I’m not sure I have the heart to dig it up since it’s been trying to hard.

My prized Suyo Long cucumber plant which was decimated:

I had been looking forward to trellising this heirloom cucumber and now that dream has died. I may try to get a plant from my sister or my mom, both of whom had taken many of my extra cucumber plants.


While I was weeding I noticed a number of ant hills in the garden, not too many though definitely more than I had noticed in previous years. Looking under the plastic grids that I had made out of mini-blinds I saw an ant highway with ant hill condos on either sides of the mini-blind with new developments on the way. I realized that the mini-blinds were creating a shelter for the ant hills from rain and my infrequent waterings. I pulled off the three grids that I had painstakingly made, roughed up the soil around each ant hill and flooded the garden with water.

They may have invaded my lawn but they will not invade my vegetable garden. It’s ant war.

One Response to “Square Foot Gardening Update”

  1. Kathy: 1. Ants: 0

    I was so envious of those of you with square foot gardens, I wanted to do it, too. Was going to wait until next year – but Miss Kitty dug out one of the raised beds I’d planted in, before I could get it netted – so I decided to replant in squares. I didn’t know those were blinds you’d put down to separate the squares. We had some pieces of 2X2’s here, so I just cut them to the right lengths, and pressed them into the soil. It looks good – they don’t move – and ants can’t live under them! Ask hubby for some left over lumber.

    My gardens have to be fenced because it is deer that eat everything here. We have the pond in the front, though, and have had racoons – so we bought two motion detector sprinklers and put one at each end of the yard. It’s worked great for four summers now. Nothing comes into the front yard.

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