My Flowers

July 6, 2007


This is the first year that my Jackmannii and Viticella clematis has really done well.  I have a 7-foot archway that I’ve fought to keep in order to fulfill my vision of a cascading wall of flowers.  After two years of training them up a piece of plastic netting, I think I’ve finally succeded:

My prized Mandschurica clematis (native to northeast China, Mongolia, northern Korea and Russia) has really taken off this year with an abundance of sweetly scented flowers:


A few weeks ago, I had a landscaper come over to give me suggestions on what I could do with my property.  One suggestion was to put a box of flowers beside the garage door wall to break up the space.  I found a 5′ cedar planter box on sale at Rona, a 5′ cedar trellis from Pioneer Nursery and a car-load of pretty annuals on a great sale at a nursery near Rockland.  I attached two deck posts to the back of the box, drilled a few holes in the bottom, lined it with plastic and attached the trellis.  I mixed together black earth (enriched with compost), cow manure, vermiculite and water-retaining granules.  Arranging the flowers, I was able to come up with this:

Here’s a close-up of some of the flowers:


I also put together a half barrel that I picked up from a fellow gardener, Ottawa Hortiphilia, through Plantcycle.  I used a bunch of my test flowers that I had started from seed: malva, Loves Lies Bleeding, sunflowers and flowering cabbage as well as the rest of the flowers left over from my planter box.  Here’s the most impressive side, facing the street:

And here’s the other side:


I picked up some half-dead flowers in a hanging pot from a garage sale.  They didn’t look too bad so I soaked them for a day in water to perk up.  I cut away some of the dead foliage and watered them with some flower fertilizer.  They seem to be doing okay now:


I came home one day and found this on my front porch:

Taking a closer look, it seemed to be in really rough shape.

I soaked it overnight, watered it with flower fertilizer and am soaking it again.  I’m hoping it’ll come back but it’s looking a little touch and go.  I think it’s pretty cool that someone just dropped off their unwanted flower pot at my door, like I’m a flower doctor and can bring it back to life.

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