Garden Design

August 13, 2007

About a month ago, a garden designer came over to my house to help me with creative ideas on what to do around my new deck as well as identify the existing plants around my property.

Here’s how things look right now (facing south) when you enter the backyard from the side gate:

His biggest suggestion was to install a 14′ wide x 7′ high privacy screen on the eastern side of the deck. The houses to the east and west both have high-sitting decks and there is another house on the eastern side that, due to a severe erosion wall in our neighbour’s yard, sits even higher.

He suggested building the privacy screen out of small cedar tree trunks about 2″ in diameter to give it a rustic look. Also, I’d move the arbour from its current location beside the middle part of the deck to the beginning of the deck, perpendicular to that giant hosta on the bottom left.

I liked the idea of building a privacy screen, however, trying to find the wood seemed a little daunting. I thought the project would be put on hold for a while, maybe even a year. It wasn’t until two weekends ago, when I was helping to dig out the iris bed, that I was graciously given the arbour and truck it home to my garden. Here is what we were dealing with:

First we had to figure out the best way to take it down. We had brought a short step ladder, two shovels, a crow bar and a pry bar. Using the step ladder and the pry bar, we managed to take the top part down.

I kept getting little bits of bark in my eye as it was really difficult to pull apart the upper pieces. We started loading them into the truck.

The shorter pieces on the top of the arbour were 5′ long and the longer, vertical pieces were 10′ long and were sitting in the ground about 3′ deep. It took a long time to dig them out.

After an hour we were finally done.

I now have six 10′-posts and eight 5′- rustic cedar posts. I’ll be setting them up beside my 14′-wide deck as a trellis. I want to find some Arctic kiwi and clematis to climb up and create some interest and privacy. I’m also redesigning the backyard to extend the perennial beds.

Right now I’m really conflicted on how to prepare the beds which has ground the whole project to a halt.

One Response to “Garden Design”

  1. What a treasure you’ve got there! I can just ‘see’ it all completed – and with vines climbing all over it. I’m envious!

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