Return from Maine

September 11, 2007

Maine was really nice. On the way there I saw a cheerful bed of sunflowers alongside Highway 212 outside of La Patrie, QC:

I found out that Steven King lives in Bangor, Maine. I grew up reading his books so I decided to cruise by his house:

His style of landscaping is mostly shrubs and trees and not too many flowers from the looks of it though maybe it was in the back where he keeps all the bodies:

The gate to his house was really cool, covered in bats, spiders and three-headed dragons:

I did manage to pick up 2 bottles of liquid Coast of Maine Salmon Fertilizer from Blue Seal Feed in Bangor, Maine. Maine accents aren’t terribly thick, however, I had originally thought it was called Lucille Feeds! I had called around and they were the only ones in the area to carry this product. I raced over and paid $9.99 US a bottle.

After getting back I tried contacting some of the distributors of Coast of Maine products to see if I could locate some of the concentrate. Some stores had carried it in the past and now only carried some of their other products like soils, soil conditioners and compost. One didn’t have inventory information and couldn’t tell me which of their locations may or may not sell the product. Another told me they didn’t stock it and gave me information on an alternate liquid seaweed blend fertilizer they carried. One brilliant person told me to contact Coast of Maine as he thought they had stopped producing it (not sure why it never occurred to me to call the company). I got this response from their customer service representative:

“Thank-you for contacting Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc. Unfortunately we no longer market nor sell Salmon Plant Food. We do recommend contacting a company called Pharm Solutions. They have a product called Fish Pharm that is similar to the Salmon Plant Food.”

Noooo! After all my hard work and tentative hopefulness!

I have now resigned myself to the fact that I have the last two bottles of this stinky gold in the world.


2 Responses to “Return from Maine”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Had to smile about the fence – very appropriate. And WHAT a house! Sorry about your fertilizer, but if you research online, you can probably find something really close, don’t you think?

  2. Appropriately spooky.

    Hey, I heard a rumour that you were at a plant re-homing event. Looking forward to the pictures.

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