The Large Flower Bed at Dundonald Park

September 11, 2007

I found out about an offering of flowers from Plantcycle, a website that is similar to Freecycle, except it is for plants. The offer was for echinacea, heliopsis, lily of the valley, monarda, iris, evening primrose, silver-leaf sage, some mystery flowers and lots of day lilies. The email was sent out to 18 people to meet at a store in Ottawa on Sunday at 11 AM – the email assured everyone there would be LOTS of flowers. So I packed up some plastic bags and my shovel and went.

The location turned out to be the large flower bed at Dundonald Park at 516 Somerset Street.

I found out the City of Ottawa no longer plants flowers in its city parks, a reduction in service that had been in place since 2004 and resulting in a yearly city-wide savings of $110,000. The Friends of Dundonald Park adopted the park and created the large flower bed, tending to it over the years. Recently, decisions were made to apply for a grant from the City of Ottawa to convert the flower bed to trees and shrubs which meant the flowers had to go. Even though they were sad to see their beloved flowers removed, they were happy that the Plantcyclers were going to give them a good home.

It took me an hour to dig, bag and load these flowers into my car:

I took home some echinacea, lily of the valley, two different types of hosta, some day lilies, a couple of gladiolas and a few mystery bulbs. I’ve potted them up in recycling bins and old pots until I figure out where I want to put them.

It was nice to meet more fellow Plantcyclers. As someone there said, it was like Christmas in September!


2 Responses to “The Large Flower Bed at Dundonald Park”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Wow, you scored! What a exciting thing to be able to do. And isn’t it great they did that? In our nearest town, they’d probably dig them out with a backhoe and throw them away!

  2. […] the neighbourhood is a variegated hosta from last year’s dig at Dundonald […]

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