Perth Garlic Festival

September 20, 2007

I was going through my photos and I realized that I hadn’t blogged about going to the 10th Annual Garlic Festival in Perth, Ontario in mid-August. It was my first time to this festival of the “stinking rose”.

The great thing about this festival is that you can try all different types of food made with garlic. I tried garlic red pepper jelly, jalapeño garlic pesto, garlic fudge, garlic roasted peanuts, three kinds of garlic BBQ sauce, garlic salad dressing, pickled garlic (twice), sun dried tomato/feta cheese/garlic paste and garlic chocolate. There was a lot of garlic.

I bought some garlic bulbs called “Music” and will be planting them in October. There was a lot of different kinds of garlic to choose from:

It was a pretty fun day and we found that we didn’t stink too much from eating so much garlic though perhaps that was just us. We may have left a garlic vapor trail on our way back to Kemptville.

2 Responses to “Perth Garlic Festival”

  1. Kathy – I just found your site. I love the creative names people come up with for their garden blogs, and yours is a great one!

    Mmmm. The garlic fest sounds yummy!

  2. katesmudge Says:

    That sounds like great fun … I love garlic and should really try growing some here.

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