I Wet My Plants is going to Kenya!

February 4, 2008

Next week I’ll be heading to the Laikipia Nature Conservancy in the Rift Valley in northwestern Kenya for 10 days to attend the Earth Festival. The conservancy is owned by the Gallmann Memorial Foundation and is located on a 100,000 acre wildlife reserve on the edge of Lake Bogoria. It’s been a roller coaster of excitement and worry since the volatile presidential elections that took place in late December 2007 and the resulting wave of civil unrest.

I’m looking forward to seeing hills covered in wild sage, the Mukutan gorge with rare species of plants, the medicinal plants of the Pokot, Turkana and Samburu communities and fields of Aloe secundiflora. And the elephants, black rhinos, lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras and flamingos of course. Kenya believe it!

One Response to “I Wet My Plants is going to Kenya!”

  1. kate smudges Says:

    This will be a wonderful experience. I hope that the recent unrest isn’t going to affect your trip.

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