Return from Kenya

February 26, 2008

I have returned, safe and sound, from my trip to Kenya.

The Kenyans we met were welcoming and happy to see us. The roads we traveled through Nyahururu and Nakuru were open and clear, with children running alongside waving and yelling, “Jambo!”

I felt safe the entire time and only had one dangerous moment when we happened across a huge bull elephant about 20 feet from us out in the open.

I will post more once I download my 5 GB of pictures and video. Until then I’ll be recovering from my 30-hour return travel.


6 Responses to “Return from Kenya”

  1. Joy Says:

    Hey ! Welcome back and I can’t wait to see pictures !
    it must have been an amazing trip.

  2. Robin Says:

    Glad you’re home safely. I look forward to reading about your trip.

  3. irena Says:

    hello kathy. I just happened across your blog through blotanical. I’ve been following the political crisis in kenya so your visit there grabbed my attention. the news has been filled with images of the unrest in the country. i’d be curious to see your experience.

    your winter sowing project looks very interesting. I just started my first ever indoor sowing effort. we’ll see how it goes. but I must admit, the winter sowing approach immediately held some appeal for me.


  4. Nice seeing you yesterday. Did you blow your budget on seedy saturday? I hate to admit how many seeds I came home with but it was lots of fun.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Hi Irena,

    It was a difficult decision to make in mid-January when the crisis was at its worst in Eldoret and then continued with the revenge attacks in Nakuru and Naivasha. I’m glad I decided to go despite the knee-jerk reactions of “Don’t go!” from friends and co-workers. We were in a safe part of Kenya and the roads we drove through Nakuru and Nyahururu were safe and clear. I’ll be posting pics soon.


  6. Kathy Says:

    Hi Ottawa Gardener!

    No, I didn’t blow my budget on seeds at Seedy Saturday, however, I did manage to pick up three metal drinking bottles from a “hippie” vendor that set me back. After that I only had $20 to blow and managed to pick up a few tomato, beet and carrot seeds. And a whack load of seeds from the seed exchange. It was pretty fun and was nice to see you there!


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