My To Do List

April 10, 2008

I like using Todoist for creating To Do lists for all my different projects. One of my projects is “Garden 2008” and the items are:

  • split hosta near rain spout in backyard
  • move siberian iris out from under apple tree
  • spray apple tree with dormant oil
  • spread corn gluten meal
  • collect coffee grinds
  • split bleeding heart and hosta in corner by fence door
  • transplant daffodil near garden when it comes up
  • block off cat access to under front porch
  • split rhubarb

Lists like this are great to update throughout the year as it helps you remember what you need to do in the upcoming growing season and you can prepare at the right time.

This will be the fourth year in my house and in all that time I’ve never divided or transplanted any of the perennials. The hosta near the rain spout grew about 4′ in diameter last year, the siberian iris were flowering in the lower branches of the apple tree, the bleeding heart and hosta in the corner battled each other for supremacy, the rhubarb produced beyond consumption level and that lone daffodil in the lawn always gets mowed under. The apples from the tree are wormy, the lawn needs corn gluten meal spread three times throughout the season and the neighborhood cats like hiding out under my porch which drives me nuts. And I really need to start collecting coffee grounds again from Starbucks’ Grinds For Your Garden program.

First on my list, I think I’m going to take a shot at dividing the rhubarb this weekend if I don’t chicken out. Here’s a pic of the crowns of the rhubarb coming up right now:

I figure I can at least split it into two and have two sets of smaller plants instead of one huge one. I plan on using the Rhubarb Compendium’s guide to propagating. I’m actually kind of scared to do it because I don’t want to kill the plant or wreck it in any way that will reduce the amount of delicious stalks it gives faithfully each year despite the lack of care I give it. I suspect everything will be fine and that my fears are just newbie worries. I just know I’ll feel absolutely gutted if it dies.


3 Responses to “My To Do List”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Be very very careful. Not that I know a thing about splitting rhubarb, but I DO know how precious it is. 🙂

  2. sammyqc Says:

    Rhubarb is very, very, very tough! I know, I’ve been trying to kill one that I planted in a dumb spot, for almost 4 years, and it just keeps coming back!! I even have one in a small plastic pot, that was supposed to be for someone last year, who never picked it up, so I just left it. I was just out today, came across it, and what do you know, it is growing! Can’t believe it survived the winter in that pot, with no protection whatsoever! You can split it the same way you do the hosta. If you can be tough, you just slice it apart with a huge knife and plant the woody crowns where you want them. Extra compost in that spot, and extra watering in the summer wouldn’t hurt it to get established.
    PS What do you do with your rhubarb? I’m not sure what kind mine is, but def not the nice red one. It is a very sour, greenish plant. Never use it for anything, cause it is so sour! I think I should look for a red ‘edible’ one instead1

  3. Kathy Says:

    Sammy, I make strawberry rhubarb jam and rhubarb cake with my stalks. I cut up the extra and freeze them to make rhubarb pie during the winter. There’s still one bag left in the freezer. Thanks for the tips!

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