My Order from the Cottage Gardener

April 11, 2008

My order from March 17th finally came in! A note with my order said their normal processing time is 3 – 5 business days and, with the recent increase of order and subsequent backlog, it was now taking them 15 business days. That’s too bad and I hope they get it fixed this summer. I think next year I’ll prepare my seed list early and order in early February or wait until Seedy Saturday in early March. I would have liked to have winter sown these seeds a couple of weeks ago.

I now have the following seeds:

  • Black Spanish Round radish
  • Mustard Green mix
  • Mexican Sour Gherkin cucumber
  • Red Malabar spinach
  • Colourful Carrot mix
  • Gourmet Heirloom Leaf Lettuce mix
  • Persian Broadleaf cress

I think I’ll dedicate Sunday to sowing these seeds indoors and out.

One Response to “My Order from the Cottage Gardener”

  1. Thanks to this gardener I now also have mexican sour gherkin but the question is where do I put them? Where?

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