My Lungwort Grow-A-Long

April 25, 2008

I was gifted some lungwort through Plantcycle last year and put it in a sunny spot along the west-facing side of my house. It didn’t like being transplanted and I thought it had died, however, it made a valiant return near the end of the summer and I was looking forward the blooms this year. Here it is on April 17th emerging from the ground:

Here it is on April 20th, covered in a light dusting of used coffee grinds:

You can already see the pretty spotted foliage of the leaves amongst the few blooms. Here it is three days later on April 23rd:

And here’s how it looked this morning on April 25th, in a pretty little clump:

I’m pretty happy with how this plant has grown in my flower bed.


3 Responses to “My Lungwort Grow-A-Long”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    A beautiful little plant!

  2. Towelini Says:

    That’s what that’s called!!! We have lungwort growing wild near our cottage and I think it’s just so pretty. I love how the plants make different colored flowers. I’ve always wondered what it was called.

  3. sammyqc Says:

    Very pretty. It’s amazing how fast things are growing this time of year, isn’t it! Everything is leafing out, and just going/growing crazy! Unbelievable!
    Maybe you were right about the last frost date, even if you didn’t really mean it!! That would be great.

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