Flowers Are A Bloomin’

May 3, 2008

There’s so much going on in the flower beds, it seems every day there is something new.  I decided to take some pictures of how everything looked yesterday morning after a couple of mornings of light frost.

Darwin Hybrid Apeldoorn Tulip:

One of the tulips has a busted bloom:

Here’s a cheery double Narcissus ‘Dick Wilden’ bloom:

Some blue grape hyacinth muscari armeniacum:

I’ve never planted bulbs before and last year I used the guideline on the back of the packages for spacing and depth. The depth was fine though my spacing is another matter entirely. Here is some very orderly and sparse large-cupped Narcissus ‘Gigantic Star’ and ‘Ice Follies’:

Ice Follies:

Gigantic Star:

I mean, really, this looks like a newbie mistake, especially since not all of them came up.  I’m thinking of digging them up after they’ve finished blooming and spacing them closer together so that they aren’t so sparse. I’ve been looking around at other gardens in my neighbourhood and really like the clumping effect of most of the spring blooms.

Lungwort is still hanging in there:

Apple tree blossoms about to emerge:

Dwarf tulipa is growing up:

Allium ‘Gladiator’ is doing well:

I still haven’t seen any of the anemone that I planted and the package says that it blooms in early spring.  If they haven’t come up by now I’m not sure if they’ll come up at all.  Maybe I bought a package of duds.


4 Responses to “Flowers Are A Bloomin’”

  1. I wonder if the previous owner had planted apeldoorn tulips? I don’t know, just that they are red. The orange ones I planted are also ‘red’. Anyhow, your garden looks lovely, especially the Lungworth, and I love the pic of your grape hyacinths.

    P.S. I planted some sweet williams and bellis perennis in the garden that were wintersown.

    I’m pretty impressed by your wintersown squash!

  2. ChzPlz Says:

    If you wait until the fall before you move them around, you’ll have a much better chance of having them flower next year. They need the summer to recharge the bulbs.

    Or… you could leave ’em where they are and fill in the gaps with more!

    I’m quite happy with how my spring bulbs turned out. I have a long but only 5″ wide “bed” that I left between my front walkway and the garage. I planted clumps of daffodils and then crocuses right over top of them. The depths were perfect for layering the two. The crocuses come up first and flower, then the daffodils squeeze through the crocus leaves and flower in the same spot a bit later… Makes great use of a tiny space.

  3. LetsPlant Says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  4. Lots of lovely blooms in your garden. Don’t you just love spring when the gardens come to live.

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