Around the Flower Beds

May 16, 2008

I went around the flower beds a week ago and took some pictures of the state of the flower beds.

This is the huge Bleeding Heart that I never got around to dividing this year and is on my MUST DIVIDE list for this fall:

I need to start picking the rhubarb as it has exploded in growth on the side of the house:

I’ve found five or six flowering stalks in this jungle and I lopped them all off – flowering stalks takes up all the energy of the plant, reducing the amount of yield from the plant. I’ll continue to monitor this and cut away any emerging flowering stalks.

The clematis tangutica I bought at last year’s Fletcher Wildlife Garden plant sale:

This year the annual native plant sale will be on June 7th and I’ll sadly miss it as I’ll be out of town. I spied a Bleeding Heart plant that had been missed during my perennial division in a precarious spot – the bottom of a gate hinge:

I’ll have to move that soon or it’ll get squished. My two varieties of raspberries are doing well, perhaps a little too well as they are now spreading into the neighbours side of the fence:

You can see some strawberry plants interspersed with the raspberry canes, a combination I like. Here’s a gigantic hosta that I was too lazy to divide this spring, also on the division list:

The Allium ‘Gladiator’ is starting to send up flowers:

The Apeldoorn tulips are almost done their bloom:

Last year’s purchased Weigela survived in its pot – it had been tossed to the side of the flower bed and left for dead during the cold winter months and has made a surprising return:

I’m pretty amazed that it’s alive and reinforces what I can get away with when it comes to plant care. Poor, neglected plant, you’ll have a home by this weekend. I bought this Garland Spirea from the same nursery and it’s already starting to flower:

The Siberian Bugloss Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ is flowering with delicate bright-blue flowers against its silvery, heart-shaped, green-veined leaves:

In the neighbourhood is a variegated hosta from last year’s dig at Dundonald Park:

and a Coral Bells Heuchera hybrid ‘Magic Dream’:

Finally, sadly, here are 7 neglected pots of lilies that were never planted in the ground last fall:

The only thing growing in these pots are dandelions. I have enough of those out in my front lawn.


2 Responses to “Around the Flower Beds”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    I’m looking forward to “harvesting” some rhubarb this weekend if we don’t get rained in. 🙂 Everything looks lovely in your garden.

  2. ChrisND Says:

    A nice tour of your garden beds. You have some of the same plants I am growing. We planted raspberries this spring, so maybe next year we will have a patch — in two years I suppose we will have a large patch invading the rest of the yard.

    I hope your neighbor likes raspberries! 🙂

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