Kemptville Horticultural Society

May 23, 2008

On Wednesday night I attended the May meeting of the Kemptville Horticultural Society as a visitor at the St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church at 319 Prescott Street in Kemptville. It was a lovely evening for a walk and a chance to see what’s been blooming in other people’s yards.

Meetings usually start at 7:30 PM, however, this one had a flower show and a lot of the initial time was spent looking at the entries and which one came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Some neat things I learned about flowers and judging were:

  • you can determine if a narcissus is a large-cup variety by pulling one of its petals gently forward, parallel to the cup. If the cup is longer then it’s a large-cup variety.
  • anyone who is serious about entering flower competitions needs to get a copy of Publication 34 – Ontario Judging Standards from the Ontario Horticultural Association.
  • arrangements should only have flowers.
  • the condition of the vase doesn’t matter unless it’s in an arrangement.
  • judges look for flowers that are dirt-free with no crooked petals.

There was the business part of the meeting which covered a treasury report, announcements for public plantings, a report on the plant sale, requests for volunteers for numerous upcoming gardening events and a presentation on the newest gardening reference, Eastern Ontario’s Gardener’s Tour Guide, a copy I finally bought. After the 45-minute meeting there was refreshments and socializing for about half an hour.

It was pretty nice. I actually knew two people there and met a couple of other members who told me about the Society and their involvement in it. For them, it’s a chance to meet new gardeners, learn about new techniques and plants and get involved in the community. There’s a good possibility that I’ll be back.

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