Life and Death at the Satellite Garden

May 27, 2008

On Sunday I planted some more vegetables out at the satellite garden to try and fill up the third row.

I started off by planting 80 red onion bulbs:

Some extra dwarf fernleaf dill and Black Seeded Simpson lettuce:

Some sage:

And some di Genova basil:

You may notice on the right side of the photo some sad-looking zucchini plants. Here’s a close-up of their sadness:

I may have been too hasty transplanting them into the satellite garden. This is a country garden and is a lot cooler than its townie sister garden. I haven’t checked on them since, however, it looks like they’re goners. And wouldn’t you know I sold all my extra zucchini plants on Saturday at $1.50 a pop.  Dang.

One Response to “Life and Death at the Satellite Garden”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    I hope they make a recovery — that’s always so disappointing. Perhaps a good watering and some stern lectures will revive them. 🙂

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