Tomato Pictures

May 28, 2008

Here’s a few shots of my tomato plants, most are pushing the one-foot mark:

Black Pear (a potato leaf cultivar)

Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Bonny Best

Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve grown these gorgeous plants from seed. You can see the potato leaf of the Black Pear tomato in the first picture. A regular leaf (RL) tomato has serrated edges on the leaf whereas a potato leaf (PL) cultivar doesn’t, resembling the smooth leaf edges of a potato plant.

Last night was really cold so I decided to put my tomato plants in the winter sowing storage containers for a bit of protection.  They came through the night pretty well:


5 Responses to “Tomato Pictures”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    Well done, Kathy! Your plants all look very healthy.

  2. Gillian Says:

    THAT’S what I have growing! I must have some potato leaf tomato plants in my garden!! I couldn’t figure out what they were, because they sprouted at the same time as my tomato plants but they looked nothing like the rest of them. Thanks Kathy!

    Do they have other common features, besides the different leaf? I’m wondering what I can expect from them…?

  3. Kathy Says:

    Thanks Nancy!

    Hi Gillian, there are different cultivars that have the potato leaf and you can find out more about the differences here. Some people like potato leaf tomatoes as the leaf epidermis is thicker than RL foliage, leading to less foliage disease. Also, if you have a tomato plant that is supposed to have potato leaves and it doesn’t, you know right away that your seed source might be bad.

  4. Linde Says:

    complements on some good lookin’ plants!!… had to tell you that I slap LOVE your ‘handle’/nickname’/website name…
    “iwetmyplants’…. inventive genius!!… and too funny!!….

  5. rob Says:

    Kewl garden!

    I know this is an older blog entry but I just stumbled across it. Very nice tom plants!

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