Crippling Country Frost

May 30, 2008

The last few nights have dipped down to + 3°C and two days ago I got an email about the satellite garden. Apparently there had been ground frost and I should come out for an assessment. Here’s what greeted me:

Complete death of a Black Eel zucchini. Truly, if you were to look up “severe frost damage” this would be the picture. Everywhere I looked there was frost damage:

There were some survivors. The Peaches and Cream corn made it through okay:

As well as some of the frost-hardy veggies like Laurentian rutabaga:

Melody spinach:

Watermelon radish:

Detroit Dark Red beets, White Globe turnip and Cylindra beets:

And the Norland potatoes:

Almost everything else was a write-off: Citron watermelon, Moon & Stars watermelon, Black Eel zucchini, Smart Pickle cucumber, Jack O’Lantern pumpkin, Boothby’s Blonde cucumber, Bottlegourd squash and Canada Crookneck squash. All the curcubits.

So I decided to start some new seeds and fast-track them by pre-sprouting on my heating mat. They’ve all germinated in the last two days and I’ll keep them inside where it’s warm once they’re potted up to get them growing quickly.

This is my one ray of hope for tasty watermelon this summer. I just hope I don’t flub it up. Again. Gah.

One Response to “Crippling Country Frost”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    We had frost warnings for last night here in the east, too, but we escaped it as far as I know. Good luck with your new sprouts!

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