Mint Central

June 12, 2008

The Mojito mint cuttings I put in water back on May 28th have all rooted! Woohoo!

The roots looked eerie in the water of their popsicle-stick tray:

Time to pot them up and spread the joy of the Mojito mint!  Also, I should divide the 1-gallon pot of Mojito mint into another pot as it has really bushed out.

I must admit that I’ve kind of gone mint crazy this year and have been searching for new and exciting plants.  Two so far have made it into my garden this year: Fruit Sensations and a mystery mint.

I bought the Fruit Sensations mint from Richter’s last weekend:

And the mystery mint came home with me when I was weeding Ottawa Hortiphilia’s flower and veggie beds while she’s been on holiday.  She let me sneak a few cuttings of mint from her garden, a super-stong mint:

Woo! It’s way potent and quite tall for a mint. It’ll be perfect for candying and putting in my iced tea.


5 Responses to “Mint Central”

  1. Daphne Gould Says:

    I’m in love with mints too. I’m impatiently waiting for my orange, chocolate and candy mints. What is mojito mint like? I’ve never had it. I’ve seen mojito recipes. They always call for “mint”, which is frustrating, since mints can be so different. I hate spearmint, but love peppermint.

  2. Raceytay Says:

    Mojitos! I didn’t realize there was a mint made specifically for this tasty treat. Most interesting.

    Did you acquire this mint specifially to make Mojitos?

  3. Kathy Says:

    Daphne, it’s definitely different than any other mint I’ve sniffed. There’s a minty scent but also a spicy side to it too. It’s hard to explain.

    Raceytay, this will be the first year of harvest for making mojitos! The first time I had a mojito was at La Cuidad in LA, a restaurant popular for their mojitos. I found this mint at Richter’s, originally brought over from Cuba by Catherine Nasmith. More details and recipes found here (PDF).

  4. Raceytay Says:

    Oh, recipes! Thank you. We fell in love with mojitos when we were down in Cuba five years ago. They’re a great summer drink.

  5. Nancy Bond Says:

    Kudos to you for the great roots! 🙂 Anything with mint in it appeals to me.

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