Update on the Kemptville Farmers’ Market

June 12, 2008

Now that the danger of all my cucurbits being snuffed out by striped cucumber beetles is over, here’s an update on last weekend’s kickoff to the Kemptville Farmers’ Market. I have to admit, I wasn’t there so all of the information and photos herein is second-hand. My partner and his mom, however, set up a table for me and sold my tomato plants:

Apparently our canopy was in a good location as there was some sun protection from the adjacent building. The canopy worked out great and made the time more bearable as it was super sunny and quite humid.  Also, by moving the display table back underneath the tent, shoppers were able to stand in shade while considering purchases. Things to do differently this weekend:

  • bring more larger-bill change. Most people were hitting the bank machines before heading over to the Market with their $20 bills so a lot of the smaller change I had supplied was going towards small purchases with large bills.
  • bring more water.
  • give people samples of my rhubarb jam – not one jar sold.
  • make an “I Wet My Plants” banner for my canopy.

The Kemptville Farmers’ Market is hosted by the Kemptville Kinsmen and takes place Sunday afternooons from 2 – 4 PM from June to October. It’s located at Water St. and Prescott St. in the parking lot behind the Court House. New vendors are always welcome so call Colleen Bailey at 613-658-2474 or email her at colleenbailey@ripnet.com.

The market provides locally grown and produced vegetables, fruit, seedlings, herbs, flowers, chicken, lamb, beef, eggs, bread, maple products, samosas, pakoras, preserves and pasta as well as local arts and crafts, chair massages and fitness equipment. Not too sure about that last one, but I’ll guess I’ll see in the upcoming weekends what that’s all about. The Kinsmen pledge that the vegetables, fruit and animal products sold in the Market are grown, raised and processed locally.

Here’s a couple of shots of some of the vendors at last weekend’s Market:

Apparently, vendors could have been situated closer together and some vendors had poor sales as nearby roads were blocked off due to the festival – customers didn’t want to lug large purchases back to their cars parked blocks away.

After two hours, my partner and his mom sold about $70 of tomato plants – $50 of which went towards my season membership to the Kemptville Kinsmen and the rest went to drinking tasty Beau’s beers at The Branch restaurant afterwards while listening to Veg Stock, the outdoor music festival.

2 Responses to “Update on the Kemptville Farmers’ Market”

  1. sammyqc Says:

    Hey, at least people are still buying some plants! That’s good! I’ll have to take a drive out there one weekend this summer, to check it out.
    And thanks again for the tip about pots at Loblaws! I’ve scored enough pots to last me a couple years, and I stop by every few days to grab more. I like the larger round perennial pots, that fit in nicely to the trays! They are perfect for transplanting up from the 4 inch pots! (for my orphan tomatoes).

  2. Fiona Says:

    Wow! a Kemptville blog. How relevant! So, bravo to you for the idea of setting up your blog and also, thanks about the information about the Farmers’ Market here. I was trying to find out the right day, time, and place and you got it all here.


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