Weekend #2

June 16, 2008

I made $11 this weekend at the Farmer’s Market. Sales consisted of one tomato plant and a tray full of cinnamon buns. I also brought some of my cousin’s Inuit jewelry and sold two pieces of walrus penis bone, known as oosik in Inuktitut. Here’s my stand:

It was okay though I really need to make my canopy weights this week as a blustery gust of air threatened to flip it over. Unfortunately there were no dogs to drink from my water tray at the bottom left of the pic. Here’s some of the other vendors:

I thought that with the recent salmonellosis outbreak in tomatoes that plant sales would be through the roof this weekend. Maybe people were more interested in growing their own produce, in light of recent disease outbreaks, instead of relying on the industry to provide for them. But I only sold one lone Cherokee Purple tomato and gave another three away. It’s probably way past the time that most people think about planting tomatoes anyways.

So, this week a decision needs to be made: do I plant or pitch the rest of my tomatoes? It’s such a hard decision. Already I’ve relocated a number of herb plants out of my home garden and into the flower beds to make room for more tomato plants (I really can’t say no to new plants). Since I’ve run out of room there I’ve decided to look to container gardening for all of my extras. I have my five storage containers that I used for my winter sowing projects already drilled with holes and just have to find a nice blend of soil to toss in.


3 Responses to “Weekend #2”

  1. sammyqc Says:

    There are still some people who haven’t planted tomatoes yet. Is there any where around town, or work, or health food stores or such (that don’t sell their own plants) that you could put up a little poster or something? It’s hard to pitch them, isn’t it? I think I’m going to have about 30 or 40 extra plants in the large shrub pots, scattered around my yard, because I can’t bring myself to compost some of them. They look too good!!I potted some up with a sheep compost/black earth 50/50 ratio, and they’ve taken off like gangbusters. I was worried that the mix would be too heavy, or too rich, but so far it seems to be really good. I didn’t want to spend too much more money on these guys, so I went to the cheap side. And I should be able to use these pots with the soil next year, when the same thing happens! Maybe just freshen it up a bit with some more compost. Wanna trade some more???LOL
    P.S. You do have Black Cherry, right?? – I’ve got 5 of those still!

  2. mmcateron Says:

    I’d be IN TROUBLE if I had leftover tomato plants !!! I’d be digging up the whole yard !! I can’t throw a plant away to save my own life- I’d probably plant them all and then spend the entire late summer/fall canning tomatoes day and night. I wish I lived nearby- I’d sure come take some off your hands- I love farmers markets. Our big farmers market has been cancelled due to all the flooding (hopefully they will resume soon. I think it’s such an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning

  3. Kathy Says:

    Hi Sammy, I do have Black Cherry and I ripped out a square of spinach to plant it in my garden! I can’t go to your house again – I just don’t have the space! 🙂

    I’ve already relocated most of my herbs into the flower bed and I’m putting together containers to hold MORE tomatoes on the deck. Let’s not even mention the tomato plants to be dug into the back field at my in-law’s place, left to sprawl, to survive or die. I suspect I’ll be canning like crazy too.

    I went from 48 extras down to 25 this evening by calling friends and family. I’m past the point of trying to sell them and just want them to go to good homes where they’ll be given a not-too-squished spot and maybe some fertilizer if they’re lucky.

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