Getting Ready for Winter

November 17, 2008

I’ve been cleaning up a lot in the vegetable garden and flower beds around the house and out at the satellite garden.  At first glance my garden looks quite bare:

Though there is still a bit of veggie action going on.  Like this volunteer Dwarf Fernleaf dill that I’ve since re-potted and brought inside for the winter:

These Dragon carrots that I should pull soon:

And this oregano:

My Citron melons did well this year – the only melon that fruited.  I had been really looking forward to some sweet Moon & Stars or Malali watermelon but it didn’t work out.  I’m saving these Citrons for seed – here they are sitting on the back deck drying out a bit:

Here’s a shot of the mint (Mojito, chocolate and Fruit Sensation), the now-dead basil, three Black Lace elders, and a lone raspberry plant that I grew from a cutting:

A pic of the John Cabot climbing roses I planted beside the archway:

I cut down all the raspberry canes to promote more cane growth.  I’ve got two varieties: Fall Gold, a delicious yellow raspberry; and a red one that I don’t care for anymore and plan to pull out.

I never got around to finishing the walkway, though you never know, there’s still time yet (yeah, who am I kidding?):

I cut back over half of the spent growth of my Clematis tangutica, a native plant, that had reached up past the window (all those white puffs are seeds, ZOMG):

I planted the tulip bulbs that I’d scrounged in the spring from the Tulip Festival as well as some other bulbs like fritillaria, allium, crocus and hyacinths.  I covered the surface with chicken wire held down with rocks so that the squirrels wouldn’t get them.

I cleaned up underneath the apple tree in the front yard to get rid of all the diseased leaves from the black spot (the leaves you see there are from an oak tree down the road):

I went to the in-law’s house and cleaned up the satellite garden too.  I had a lot of work ahead of me:

There were still some overcrowded rutabagas:

Some garden sage:

And some onions:

While I was working away at weeding, I had a visit from Diver, a great mouser and the family cat:

It’s been a pretty busy fall.


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