January 12, 2009

First I received Stokes, then Vesey’s and then Richter’s.  Now is the time of year that gardeners in my area start ramping up for the upcoming season.  What better way to start it by pouring over delicious catalogues?

I like checking out Cyndi’s Catalog of Garden Catalogs as it covers both the US and Canada.  I also like checking out the Seeds of Diversity Canadian Seed Catalogue Inventory if I’m looking for a particular seed source.

Make your orders soon, ladies and gentlemen, so that you have your seeds in your hot little hands before their sowing dates!

2 Responses to “Catalogues”

  1. Hello from Wasaga Beach, ON. Am I the same Zone as you?

  2. Kathy Says:

    Hello, L.P.E.! From what I can tell here, I think you are in the same zone as I am. Just remember that the US has a different plant hardiness classification and if you’re in Canadian zone 5b then you are in USDA zone 4.


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