My Seed Starting Schedule

February 10, 2009

There’s lots of information out there on when you’re supposed to start your seeds.  The one I really like is on You Grow Girl’s website, called the Lazy Gardener’s Seed Starting Chart.  You enter your spring frost-free date for your area and it calculates out the dates that you start seeds indoors and transplant out and when you direct sow into your garden.  Unfortunately, it’s not an extensive list and doesn’t take into consideration successive or fall planting.  Also, the layout, though informative, is hard for me to follow (I’m more of a visual person).  So I decided to make my own printable, weekly calendar using the same information.

Here is my Seed Schedule 2009 Word document that you can download.  It includes all the start/end dates of the Lazy Gardener’s Seed Starting Chart and a few extras like lemon balm, chives, sage and thyme. I’ll update this document as I find more information (current update is Feb. 10, 2009).   My spring frost-free date for this document is May 16, 2009 for Canadian zone 5a and USDA zone 4.

Happy gardening!


One Response to “My Seed Starting Schedule”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Love it, thanks for sharing!

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