Another Seed Schedule

February 20, 2009

I’ve put together a seed start chart using Mel Bartholomew’s All New Square Foot Gardening charts found at the back of the book.  I’m going to try this approach in my garden this year as it shows when to plant continuous and fall crops.  It was crazy hard to put together and I’ve checked and double-checked until my eyes went screwy.  Let me know if you find any errors or if something doesn’t look right, e.g., sow date is way off.


It seems that you can’t download the file from my Google Docs page (complete with formulas).  If you want this document in Excel, send me an email.


No joke, this file has been triple-checked and is now ready.  Woo.


6 Responses to “Another Seed Schedule”

  1. Dan Says:

    Great job on the chart. I will be consulting it for the continuous planted crops this season.

  2. Bruce G Says:

    I notice on your Feb 10 post that you say you’re using May 16 as your ‘last spring frost’ date. Are you using Ottawa as your reference to determine your dates? If so you might check again at Farmers Almanac. I see that the Ottawa last spring frost date is May 6, 2009. Dunno but hopefully you made a typo or I’m just completely wrong.
    Does any of this affect your seed start chart info as presently published? I truly hope not.
    BTW.. I emailed you through an email I found[gmail account address] somewhere here requesting your Excel format of the chart. Did you get my email?

  3. Kathy Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Yes, I did get your email – I found an error in my spreadsheet so I’ve been neurotically triple-checking it. I should have it out to you this morning.

    Typically, folks around here plant out on May long weekend which is usually the last weekend of the month. This year, May long weekend comes a week earlier, hence the May 16th frost free date. Personally, I wouldn’t use May 6th as there is still danger of light frost in this area and I’m not really set up with frost covers and cloches.

    This new spreadsheet recalculates everything based on whatever date you type into the spring and fall frost free cells.


  4. Bruce G Says:

    Thanks for the chart Kathy. Much appreciated. It’s gonna come in so handy!!

    Yes, the May long weekend has often been associated with the beginning of gardening outdoors here as well.
    I’ll stick to that date for planting out too!


  5. sammyqc Says:

    Wow. Excellent chart. Makes you look organized, if you use that! (I mean you as in the general you, not you in specific!!)
    A lot of work went into it, obviously.

    Thanks again for the mater seeds. Definitely we should swap plants again this spring!

  6. Great post and blog! I really enjoyed this post, thanks for that. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts, thanks!

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