The Annual Collecting of Used Coffee Grinds

March 20, 2009

The first day of spring marks the start of collecting used coffee grinds from Starbucks and their Grounds For Your Garden program.  Used coffee grinds help increase the organic matter in your soil and in the past I’ve flung used coffee grinds on my lawn and in my flower beds.

Here’s an illegal snap of what I’m talking about – strongly-scented used espresso coffee grinds:

This is a very small sampling of what you can normally get in a day.  The guy behind the counter said they weren’t bagging them up yet as it’s still winter (I neglected to tell him today was the first day of spring).

I’ll go home and fling these underneath the apple tree.

5 Responses to “The Annual Collecting of Used Coffee Grinds”

  1. hw Says:

    Let me know when you’re done with the Starbucks at Metcalf and Slater 😉

  2. Jen Says:

    Wow- great idea! I save coffee grounds for my compost but this is on a whole other level! I pass a Starbucks on my way home from work, so I wonder…

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Mmm… the smell of LOTS of damp, still-warm coffee grounds. My compost bin loves it, too!
    Just don’t leave them in your car too long… yes, they go moldy, and you’ll NEVER get the smell of coffee out!

  4. Randa Says:

    I save the grounds from our busy office coffee machine. I’ve been dumping them in my rainbarrel over the course of winter (which I’ve kept in my back porch).

    I dumped the grounds onto my veg garden on the weekend, expecting a massive pile of grounds. Apparently the grounds have been composting away in their cosy container, because I didn’t end up with NEAR the pile I thought I would!

    At any rate — I’m thrilled to divert all those grounds from the landFILL, and have them directly going into the LAND, where they do far more good 🙂

  5. Joe Lamp'l Says:

    Yes, that is a great idea and yet one more reason why I miss living in a town that has Starbucks everywhere. When I lived in Atlanta, this was an almost daily ritual and they were great to add into my compost pile. I’m envious since the only grounds I can collect now come from my own pot!

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