Home and Satellite Gardens

March 26, 2009

Now that the snow is all gone I can finally think about preparing the gardens for sowing this spring.  My home garden, an 8′ x 16′ space with 112 square feet of planting space, has some perennial regular and garlic chives as well as some Dragon carrots and multiplier onions that were never pulled last year.  There’s always a few volunteer dill plants and leftover weeds.  Last year all my tomatoes were hit with early blight (that’s what I get for not mulching and crowding my tomatoes) and I’m concerned that the soil (and the concrete reinforcement wire I used as a trellis) is still diseased.  Here’s a shot of the home garden complete with puppy paw prints:

My tentative idea this year is to grow all of my tomatoes out at the satellite garden, remove the concrete reinforcement wire trellis at the home garden and replace it with plastic garden netting upon which I will trellis peas and pole beans.  I’m not sure if I’m nuts for thinking about growing 8 feet of peas and 8 feet of pole beans – I guess I could throw in a squash or three to even things out.  I’ve also got to figure out a solution for a trellis out at the satellite garden and so far my plan for finding a free, used car shelter frame (sans cover) has not been successful.  With a frame you can tie strings to the top part of the frame, peg it into the ground where you plant your seedling and it’ll grow wrapping up around the string.  The used, cover-free frames that I’ve been able to find are being sold for$75 each,  a price that I’m not willing to pay.

The satellite garden, a 16′ x 32′ space with 384 square feet of planting space, needs a lot of work.  We’ve decided that we’re going to roto-till the space in mid-April after spreading some more compost/aged manure that I still have to source.  I will also have to dig a simple trench around the edge of the garden to keep out the grass.  I’m still not sure how I should start practicing crop rotation and hope I can find out before planting starts.  Here’s a shot of the satellite garden along with our 6-month old dog, Maui:

Apparently walking through garden beds is her thing.


5 Responses to “Home and Satellite Gardens”

  1. keewee Says:

    Us newbie veggie gardeners have much to learn. I learned to follow my intuition and last night covered some veggie starts I planted. This morning everything is covered in frost. I am smiling all over that I trusted my gut feeling. Good luck in your gardening adventures.

  2. Dan Says:

    I bet it was nice to get working in the veggie patch. Maybe you could make a trellis out of finger jointed 2×2’s. They are really cheap and should last many seasons. That’s what I use along with nylon trellis netting from lee valley.

  3. You can never have too many peas is my thinking. A couple squash plants and you’ll have filled your space for sure. Vining cucurabits look so innocent when they first sprout until they try to take over the garden…

    As for trellis, I scored some curb side, green temporary fencing. You know the plastic kind that’s usually orange and surrounds building sites. Thick plastic trellis works well but it’s a pain to remove the dead vines at the end of the season. I’ve thought of using some type of biodegradable twine instead so I can cut it down and toss the whole lot into the compost.

  4. Zach Says:

    Of course Maui wants to walk through the garden! I hope you get everything ready for your garden!

  5. sammyqc Says:

    Uhmmm….hello! You don’t need to source that manure! I have access to all you could possibly want and more, and some of it is past 4 year old composted! Good old horse manure, and I am trying to encourage anyone who wants some, to come and get it.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    Did I mention it is completely free, and about 20 mins from downtown Ottawa, over in Aylmer Qc.

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