Kemptville Farmer’s Market Website

May 29, 2009

The Kemptville Farmer’s Market website is up.  Hooray!  Again the kick-off for the Farmer’s Market is this Sunday from 11 AM  to 4 PM in conjunction with the 2-day event of the Dandelion Festival and Veg Stock.  As part of this weekend’s festivities, my sister and I (as Nukariik) will be performing at Veg Stock on Saturday at 6 PM.  Hope to see you there!

P.S.  Here’s a line up for this weekend’s performers:

12pm – Kansas City Shuffle
1pm – George Buys
2pm – Andy McGaw
3pm – Meredith Luce and the Mandates
5pm – Loon Choir
630pm – Barn
730pm – Al Wood and the Woodsmen
830pm – Roxilla

11am – Chef Bruce and the loose n’ juicy acoustic army
11:30 pm – Grenville Grass
12:30pm – Shady Blue
1:30pm – Pat Moore and the Vinyl Frontier
2:30pm – Trevor Alguire and Gilles Leclerc
3:30pm – John Carroll
4:30pm – The Standby Brothers


One Response to “Kemptville Farmer’s Market Website”

  1. G’day, quite well thought out , I’ve book marked your page 🙂

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