How I Plant Seed Potatoes

June 10, 2009

I bought a few different varieties of seed potatoes when they first came out in May at the local garden centre.  This year I decided to go with Red Chieftan, AC Chaleur, Irish Cobbler, Banana and French Fingerling.  I laid the potatoes out on plates and found a cool, sunny spot in my basement by the window.  They sat there for a few weeks.

The day before I wanted to put them in the ground, I brought them upstairs:

Lots of growth on the eyes.  Next you have to cut them, ensuring that all pieces have at least one eye.  First, hold the potato in one hand and a sharp knife in the other.  Turn the potato around to see which is the best way to make your cut:

Using your knife, make a clean cut through the potato.  These ones are kind of small so I only really could make one cut – larger potatoes could take up to four or five cuts:

Lay out your pieces, cut side up, on a tray so that they can dry out before you plant them the next day:

Here’s all my potatoes cut up.  It didn’t take very long:

Next you have to prepare the beds.  My mom has got a great way to plant seed potatoes in the garden and I’ve been doing it the same way she showed me a few years ago.  First you need to mark the trench (1) where you want to put your potatoes.  Then dig a trench (2) about 3″ wide and 6″ deep.  Space your potatoes (3) depending on the final size of your potatoes – mine are all smaller so I spaced roughly every 4″ – 6″.  Back fill the soil (4) so that it covers the tops of the potatoes.  As the potatoes grow, keep back filling until you’ve reached the same height as the rest of the garden.  This way you don’t need to hill the soil.


6 Responses to “How I Plant Seed Potatoes”

  1. I did the very same thing with good results last year. The only difference was that I made the trench 18″ deep.

    This year, I planted my potatoes in plastic bags and in tubs. The bags are a pain in the behind but the tubs are easy.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Way to go! I’ll be following your ‘taters’ progress, as I have never had any success with potatoes, using various methods. No room in the ground, so mine are hanging up in fabric grocery bags, with two huge nursery pots (the one my emerald cedar came in) as the “control group.”
    Good luck!

  3. Dan Says:

    What nice potato seed you have. I wish I had space like that to grow potatoes. I had to resort to potato bins, potato pots and potatoes in compost bags this year.

  4. keewee Says:

    I am keeping a close eye on the Russian fingerling spuds I have growing, and am looking forward to the day I can dig some up.

  5. yogitamehra Says:

    Your method seems simple enough. I don’t have as much space but I could still try it. The only problem I keep having is that something seems to break the shoots that grow above the grounds, or dig up the potatoes and destroy the seed potato. 😦

  6. Zach Says:

    Ah, I remember when we planted our potatoes this past spring…We had a wonderful turnout (1200 lbs of potatoes). Where have you gone, I would love to hear about how your taters turned out!

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