Last Minute Prep for Seedy Saturday

March 5, 2010

Seedy Saturday is tomorrow and I still have to get all my seeds for the seed trade table ready!

I’ve got a bunch of different tomato, pepper, dill and pole bean seeds to give away and have been rushing to get them ready in their little packages.  There’s 10 seeds in each package.  Look at how cute they are:

I bought the plastic baggies from the dollar store and measured the inside pouch area to help me create the labels.  Last year, I printed labels on stickers and stuck them to the top of the baggie which was expensive and annoying to get straight on the baggie.  This year I decided to print on paper and cut them out to stick in the baggie.  Genius!  Here’s my Word document I’ve been frantically working on this evening:

I found the pictures on an image website and I downloaded two types of font: Hand of Sean and Harabara.  Looking at the printed papers, I think I should have skipped the Hand of Sean font however it’s too late now.  I also skipped the Notes field that I included in last year’s seed table giveaway – it’s too much to do in this little time I have.

Of course I didn’t have enough baggies and will have to stop by the store to pick some more up this evening.  I still have a bunch more seed packages to break down into 10-seed piles:

More from Seedy Saturday tomorrow from 10 AM – 3 PM at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre in Ottawa!


3 Responses to “Last Minute Prep for Seedy Saturday”

  1. Melanthia Says:

    Those are really adorable’ Great job. You have quite the collection of seeds, too. Good for you!

  2. gus&otto Says:

    Oh my! What time are you going at? I have to surely be around the trade table at that time. Look at those seeds and packaging.

  3. Those are some nice seed labels – I commented on them. Nice seeing you yesterday!

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