Getting into the Sowing Swing

March 24, 2010

Full blown indoor seed starting is in full swing in my living room and basement.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a 3.8 cu.ft. bag on Berger germinating mix at Richmond Nursery for $38.95 plus tax – I figure it’ll last me at least two season’s worth, if not three.  In the past I used Home Gardener’s Organic Starter mix in 10-litre bags, however, it was expensive and the quality has gone significantly downhill in the past couple of years (I’d find numerous 2″ twigs in almost every bag).  I really like this new germinating mix as it’s very light and fine and has an even consistency when wet.  Unfortunately they didn’t carry the organic line so I’ve had to make do.

I also set up a wire fence around my small home garden.  I picked up a vinyl green 2′ x 50′ 16-gauge fence rolled up in a bag for $29.99 and six 3/8″ x 2′ fiberglass posts at #3.19 each for a grand total of $55.52.  Since the ground is still frozen a bit in my garden, I could only knock them down as far as I could.  This will keep the dogs out of the garden – they’ve already dug a couple of holes and torn up the tarp covering the garlic.

I finally organized my grow-op in the basement, clearing away trays and pots that still need to be washed with a solution of 10% bleach.  This is my least favourite task as it’s killer on the lower back.  All 8 fluorescent lights are set up, two on each shelf, and three flats of leggy seedlings are now under them.  No photos as of yet as my camera’s memory is shot.  New snaps of the set-up will come soon.

Current seedlings are as follows (number of seedlings in brackets):

Brussels sprouts:

  • Balbriggan (4)


  • Gortahork (5)


  • Garlic
  • Nira

Greens, green:

  • Persian broadleaf cress (8)
  • Suehlihung No. 2 (9)
  • Sylvetta arugula (6)
  • Tres fin marchiere frissee endive (5)
  • Vitamin Na (9)

Greens, red:

  • Garnet Giant (9)
  • Red Giant mustard (5)
  • Ruby Streaks (9)


  • Red Russian (1)
  • Red Ursa (8)
  • White Russian (8)



  • Ermosa (8)


  • Green Star (4)

Summer Crisp:

  • Barbados (5)



  • Jamai (2)


  • Outredgeous (9)
  • Sweet Valentine (9)

One Response to “Getting into the Sowing Swing”

  1. keewee Says:

    It sure is nice to get started on growing our veggies indoors. you have made a great start with all those seedlings.
    I haven’t started any seeds indoors this year, but I do have some in the garden already, due to such a mild winter and early spring.

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