Free Tomato Plants!

June 16, 2010

Sales are over and the season is getting on.  Anyone interested in free heirloom tomato plants can get in touch with me by email. Not sure what I’ve got left exactly though there is a variety of stuff.

I’ll only be available this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.



2 Responses to “Free Tomato Plants!”

  1. sylvia spasoff Says:

    Hi Kathy; it’s August 17, and I have some comments and a question. First of all, some of my Pink Berkeley Tie Die (or something like that) have ripened and they are really delicious. The Sweet Pea are producing like mad and sort of a pain to pick. The Sara’s Galapagos are pretty good, although not outstanding. I have an orange approx. golf ball size tomato, bought from you – the label has been essentially erased. The last letter is E and the second last is either an F or an E. I’m thinking it could be Jaune Flamee, but could you tell me whether that tomato is really more light orange than yellow (as the Jaune might indicate). It is very delicious and quite acidic. I would plant it again, so am interested in its possible title. The larger ones, except for the Tie Die have not yet ripened. Thanks, Sylvia

    • Kathy Says:

      Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks for the feedback – I’m glad you are enjoying the tomatoes! It does indeed sound like the Jaune Flamee. It’s larger than a cherry, smaller than a globe and fits nicely in your hand. It’s orangey-yellow, turning orangier as it ripens. It’s acidic and tasty, one of my favourites.

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