Building a Crevice Garden

June 10, 2015

I saw a photo of a crevice garden and immediately wanted to make one.  I have a small area that has some overgrown alpine and rock plants already that I need to divide and the thought of making a crevice garden was really appealing.


I had already created a small crevice garden are and wanted extend it:


This area has the following plants:

  • Aetheonema species
  • Sedum dasyphyllum
  • Sempervivum Saturn
  • Sedum album chloroticum
  • Saxifraga minutifolia
  • Saxifraga Fosters Red
  • Orostachys spinosum
  • Phlox Crackerjack
  • Thymus praecox Purple Carpet
  • Orostachys spinosum minutum
  • Sedum Lime Zinger

To make the crevice extension we we went to a local building site and collected a number of thin, large rocks to build the garden.


And then started to stand them up while sinking them into the soil.
image image

Using a sledgehammer, we tamped down the soil to give the rocks added stability.


I picked up a number of drought-tolerant plants from Rock Wall Gardens just outside of Perth, ON as well as some wintersand and coarse gravel for top dressing.  Here’s my crazy list of plants:

  • Orostachys Iwarenge
  • Orostachys erubescens
  • Orotachys Jade Mountain
  • Globularia meridionalis
  • Pinella ternata Green Dragon
  • Sempervivum arachnoideum Hookeri
  • Sempervivum x Versicolor
  • Paronychia Kapela Serpyllifolia
  • Vitaliana primulifolia
  • Campanula carpatica turbinata
  • Draba species
  • Sedum sarmentosum
  • Lewisia longipetala hybrid Little Plum

Other plants that I picked up are:

  • Cactus prickly pear
  • Sempervivum ciliosum borisii
  • Sempervivum Oddity
  • Lychnis viscaria alpina
  • Saxifraga Peter Pan
  • Saxifraga panicul. aizoom

Next step is mixing the soil and planting.


2 Responses to “Building a Crevice Garden”

  1. Becky Says:

    I love what you ave done so far! Is that a pinxter? I have lots of plants and many crevices to fill. I will put it on the list!

  2. Amy Saab Says:

    Love your rocks! What a grand & heavy job. What got me the most was the title of your blog! Ha! ~amy

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