I’m interested in exchanging seeds. Please email me if you’re interested too!

Looking for any variety of heirloom seeds, especially vegetables, and perennials for full sun.

I have the following seeds to trade:



  • Mulato (Richters, 2009)
  • Marconi (seed trade, 2009)
  • Jalapeno (Richters and seed trade, 2009)
  • Ancho (Richters, 2009)
  • Anaheim (Richters, 2009)


  • Ananas Noir (seed trade, 2008)
  • Arkansas Traveller (self-saved, 2008)
  • Aunt Ruby’s German Green (2008)
  • Black Brandywine (2009)
  • Black from Tula (2008)
  • Black Krim (2008)
  • Black Pear (2008)
  • Brandywine, Sudduth’s (seed trade, 2008)
  • Break O’Day (2009)
  • Camp Joy (self-saved, 2008)
  • Chiapas Wild Cherry (seed trade, 2008)
  • Earliana (seed trade, 2009)
  • Eva Purple Ball (2008)
  • Galina’s (seed trade (2008)
  • Gardener’s Delight (Seedy Saturday, 2009)
  • Green Zebra (2008)
  • Kellog’s Breakfast (seed trade, 2009)
  • Matt’s Wild Cherry (self-saved, 2008)
  • Northern Lights (2009)
  • Old Flame (2008)
  • Old German (2009)
  • Opalka (2009)
  • Pineapple (seed trade, 2008)
  • Pink Ping Pong (2008)
  • Pruden’s Purple (2008)
  • Purple Russian (2009)
  • Red Pear (2008)
  • Red Zebra (2008)
  • Roma (self-saved, 2008)
  • San Marzano (seed trade, 2009)
  • Snow White (self-saved, 2008)
  • Stone (1889) (Seedy Saturday, 2009)
  • Stupice (seed trade, 2009)
  • Sun Sugar F3 (seed trade, 2008)
  • Sungold F2 (self saved, 2008)
  • Wapsipinicon Peach (seed trade, 2009)
  • White Currant (seed trade, 2009)
  • White Rabbit (seed trade, 2009)
  • Yellow Brandywine (2009)
  • Yellow Oxheart (Seedy Saturday, 2009)
  • Yellow Pear (2008)
  • Yellow Stuffer (self-saved, 2008)

    Winter Squash

    • Striped Butternut (Seedy Saturday, 2009)



      All seeds are from the original package unless otherwise indicated.


      10 Responses to “Seeds for Trade”

      1. Seham Says:

        Hi Kathy,

        I would like to trade seeds with you for your Suyo Long cucumber! I have flemish antique poppy as well as cosmos seeds. Please let me know if you would like to trade.


      2. Patrick Says:

        Hi Kathy,

        Thanks for your recent comment.

        It’s also great to see someone else trading seeds, but you aren’t very clear here what to expect from your seeds.

        Not everything you list here is heirloom or open pollinated (OP), and others require some special techniques if you save your own seeds for example isolation to prevent cross pollination.

        I can’t take anymore seeds in my garden right now! Some other people however might appreciate knowing what is OP, F1 and/or self saved.

      3. Kathy Says:

        Hi Patrick,

        Thanks for the tips and you’re right, I do need to be more descriptive! All the vegetable and herb seeds listed here are straight out of the packet and most of the flowers are from trades or Seedy Saturday. I haven’t listed any of the self-saved seeds as I think they were cross-pollinated with other varieties. I’m definitely going to find out the proper way to save seeds, specifically tomato, so that I can have good seeds for next year.

        One more thing to go on my To Do list! 🙂

      4. mmcateron Says:

        Jack in the pulpit seeds ?? That’s quite intriguing to me- one of my fave plants of all time- easy to grow from seed ?

      5. Kathy Says:

        Hi mmcateron! I had two clusters of berries last fall that I saved the seeds from and I tried winter sowing them earlier this year. They didn’t germinate so I’m not sure how well they’d do, maybe they’d do better under nicer circumstances. I’m definitely going to try again.

      6. Bladerunner Says:

        I’d be interested in some of the purple haze carrots if you have any left, and there’s anything on my list you’re interested in.

      7. Dottie Prudhomme Says:

        Hi Kathy,

        I enjoyed your blog about the wintersowing you did last year. How did it turn out? Were your plants healthy and did they all germinate? Are you still gardening?

        I plan to try wintersowing this year. Am about to begin. Would love to hear more about your experiences.

      8. Penny Says:

        Hi there,

        I would LOVe some of your veggies and also some of the grasses that you have. Also, a couple of the flowers have caught my eye.

      9. […] Now I have to find a seed source – anybody have some to trade?  You can check out my trade list here. Posted by Kathy Filed in […]

      10. simone Says:

        Hi guys am new at seed saving.but i would love to trade. my 2 year garden so much fun.okra grows well in ga so i have some seeds not from pack family seed.given to me.purple pole bean and more i have to look .I want fat tomatoes to fry.and army cutcumbers. Looks like a snake greenish yellow

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